This is Custom-Made product. Production time: approx. 60 days

WARP Xn was made expressly for those who expect maximum functionality from their chair. The arm rests can move in four planes, and the back reclining mechanism is paired with the rocking method which helps choose the perfect position for games and relaxation.

4D armrests

No matter your position the armrests will fulfill their main role of supporting your arms. The Warp Xn's armrests can move in four planes. They can be set according to height, forward/backward movement, left/right movement and rotate several degrees.

Back reclining

The built-in mechanism lets the back recline up to 160°. All so you can rest comfortably.

Rocking mechanism

After a long game, you might want to immediately sit in your chair and chair your position. Is that familiar? A high-quality rocking mechanism in the WARP Xn will help you pick the perfect position to rest or game in.

Ventilated eco-leather

Perforations in the eco-leather are needs to improve ventilation. The WARP chair uses it in the areas with more contact points. This method provides flawless thermoregulation.

Stylish back

This model has an especially stylish approach. The back is made out of eco-leather and combined with broken lines. It turned out interesting.


What's the most important part of a gaming chair? The design and functions of course. The WARP Xn excels in both categories. The main edges with ergonomic regulating pillows provide the chair with elegance. The massive 4D armrests provide monumentality. And the wide color range can be appreciated by every gamer.


The WARP Xn is a professional gaming chair in a classical sporty style. It's optimal for gamers up to 176 cm tall (5'9") and up to a BMI of 29. It's made according to the requested comforts and functionality of gamers that want a high level of comfort and variety of settings.