About Us

Gravitonus is a family business founded by doctor of orthopedics Leonid Kosik and his sons. Since 2003, it is one of the world leaders in the ergonomic workstation market. Today, Gravitonus has more than 50 innovative products in 12 fields.

All starts from this: World's First Ergonomic Workstation

Gravitonus is an experienced design company with its own high-tech production. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing ergonomic decisions from various areas. Today, Gravitonus is one of the world's leaders in the ergonomic workstation market.

Our experienced-design production is based in Eastern Europe. We have a development office in Virginia and a manufacturer in China. When buying Gravitonus products, you can be sure of the American quality and European design.

All Gravitonus products can be customized to the client's needs. Many of our products can be customized, even from just one piece like the WARP gaming chairs.

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