iClubby workstation


This is Custom-Made product. Production time: approx. 180 days

Work and relax in any position spending a long time doing your favorite pastime at the computer without worrying about fatigue. Feel extremely comfortable. This chair is made for you personally.

iClubby is a high-tech workstation that combines interactive equipment for work or play with unrivaled comfort.

You don't need to change the pose by yourself because iClubby workstation will do it for you.

Feel the difference, learn more about iClubby

A unique design for a high comfort level

The innovative design of the iClubby workstation has the experience of years-long development. Aesthetics, functional and ergonomic thoughtfulness in every detail, attention to the details are all combined in the unique hand-made workstation for your requirements. All iClubby accessories and options are designed to provide you with a fundamentally new level of comfort, entertainment and performance that suits your needs!

Immerse yourself in the world of comfort or feel the gaming drive, place a workstation in a modern office or in a classic apartment - iClubby has a solution for any of your tasks.

The best way to rest your mind and body

All iClubby workstations change positions according to the body. Sound, lighting, workspace, monitors, body support and controls move with the user.

You don't need to change your pose because the iClubby workstation will do it for you.

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