WARP Rs Custom-made


When was something special made for you and didn't cost an arm and a leg?

We want, we can and we do it just for you. The custom WARP Rs chair is a real customized product that's not just a slogan.

Go to the configurator and see for yourself.

A gaming chair is a label that can be used by any chair now. But not in this case. WARP chairs are real gaming chairs made for those who love to sit at their PC or console for a long time. We have considered ergonomics, comfort and style here. And as a gamer is consumed by a new game and new desires in it, we created this chair and were consumed by the ideas of an excellent gaming chair. And we did it! If you disagree, you can always get a refund.           

Design that inspires

All the WARP Z chairs are made exclusively for you. The color, material, stitching and even threat color are all personalized. Design the chair that you've dreamed of!

Seamless ventilation

The WARP Z production uses the most innovative and modern materials. We use next gen perforated eco-leather. It provides an insurmountable level of comfort at your work area at all times.

Style and quality

WARP Z is an elegant chair made from the best materials that includes the esthetics of premium office chairs and the functionality of the best gaming and workstations. It has whole warranty and post-warranty period service, 30-day warranty, a moneyback guarantee, a high durability limit and many other things important for you. WARP Z is able to satisfy your every need.

E-sports in homes WARP Z We support beginner e-sports athletes, streamers, and new teams.

Excellent arm rests

The most comfortable armrests are made in a minimalist style. They provide the optimal support to your arms and meets the needs of real e-sports gamers.

C - Comfort

It's 3 am and you're done playing? That's not normal! Our chairs are made with penopolyurethane inside. That's much cooler than foam and... foam. And it's ergonomic (don't confuse it with cheap).

D - dessert

When choosing a new graphics card, processor, monitor or mouse, you need to read a ton of information on what's the best. You'll still have to pick a gamer chair from other brands, but now you know what to compare it to.

G - guarantee

We provide a guarantee on the entire chair, not just the frame. Your armrest or knee rest can break at no fault of your own after all. And what do we say to this? Thanks! We will fix it!