This is Custom-Made product. Production time: approx. 30 days

WARP Gr is significantly bigger than most chair models. That's because it was made for endomorphic people (or large people). It's for larger users.

The wide back and seat along with the reclining mechanism make the WARP Gr into a comfortable couch that can be used to relax on during a stream or between matches. Is it a joke? The streamer Mizkif made 400k like that.

A big person needs a big chair! Creating the WARP Gr, we though first and foremost about larger users. That includes bodybuilders and big eaters since they both need a spacious and reliable chair.


It is both beautiful and reliable. The wide back and seat make this chair into a reliable metal based universal elegant couch that's comfortable for any gamer. And the e-sport design and bright colors can help express individuality and passion for gaming.

3D armrests

What's this mean? The more D's the better. 3D means that the armrests can have height control as well as forward-reverse control and they can turn letting you find the perfect combination.

Large back reclining

This function isn't in most standard office chairs. The built-in mechanism lets you lean back easily. You can recline up to 160 degrees. All for your comfort that lets you do what you want without getting tired.

Rocking mechanism

It's nice to sit in your chair and relax after a stressful match. Or you can throw your legs up on the table and chill with a stream. The built-in rocking mechanism lets you pick the best position for rest and gaming.

Ventilated eco-leather

The eco-leather with perforations helps you create optimal ventilation for your body on the entire chair surface. The WARP Gr contact zones are greater which provides optimal body exchange and lets you relax.


The Gr is the most spacious chair in the WARP line with a large back and seat. It's excellent for gamers up to 195 cm tall (6'4") and up to a BMI of 45. It's developed specifically for large people that aren't comfortable in most gaming chairs.