TinySolo Front the Saddle chair


The TinySolo Front the Saddle chair from Gravitonus is the result of a years-long development by orthopedists and ergonomics specialists.

The saddle is made in such a way to provide the greatest orthopedic effect and avoid hypodynamia.

While sitting in the chair-saddle, you'll experience the completely normal feeling of pressure sacral region of your pelvis. The method is intended to remove the load from your soft tissue and circulatory system in the pelvis and mode it to the pelvic girdle where nothing can be harmed.

The saddle's shape is made from elastic PU Foam and has two hard zones and takes the user's anatomical specifics in mind.

All Gravitonus saddles, other than the Lite models, have a built-in Tilt-mechanism that lets you determine the optimal angle of the saddle and regulate the load on the pelvic girdle. The greater the angle forward, the more "productive" orthopedically the saddle is.

A simple ergonomic chair that lets you easily move from one place to another and does not hinder movement. You can easily sit, get up and rotate. It only has height regulation. It has soft wheels for all types of flooring. It's perfect for work, including artisan work.

Tiny series

The Tiny series is the most comfortable version of the EZ series and slightly tapers the leg spread. This makes the seat more traditional and less aggressive. Nevertheless, the overall ergonomics of both series provide an identical level of blood circulation. 

Front modifications

The innovative chest support by Gravitonus lets you completely remove the load from your back and spine muscles as well as provide additional mobility in your spinal joints. This option is optimally used with a traditional seat or with a backless chair-saddle seat. The chest support is recommended as an alternative seating method in the afternoon if you work for more than 8 hours a day. The chest support has height and angle controls.

Solo models

The Solo models are more comfortable compared to the Duo. This is achieved thanks to the use of a whole saddle which provides a more even spread of the load between the sacrum and soft tissues. As a compromise, instead of a cut out, the Solo models have an anatomical deepening that is equally effective in acting against the development of prostatitis in mean and therefore is suitable for them.