SpinalAssist - an orthopedic chair


This is Custom-Made product. Production time: approx. 60 days

Some people think that you can choose a chair only after sitting on it. And also that an office chair can rarely match your physique. But SpinalAssist is completely different. It is suitable for people ranging in height from 145cm (4'9 ") to 210cm (6'10") and weighing up to 200kg (440lbs). This is a breakthrough in personal ergonomics.

  • Over 30 positions
  • The chair was specially designed to correct and support the spine
  • The wide range of settings and options will help in taking a comfortable shape
  • The ability to take a lying position for complete relaxation
  • Built-in silicone wheels help you move effortlessly
  • The corset chair removes all the negative aftereffects of a long working day


About "right", "wrong" and performance

Have you ever wondered if you are sitting right?

If so, did you ask yourself what it means to “sit correctly”?

To sit "correctly" is impossible. There is no position that is 100% harmless to your body.

After ~60 minutes of sitting in any "correct" position, the blood circulation in the pelvis slows down.

After ~120 minutes, the brain begins to receive less oxygen, the legs become heavy.

The only way out is to constantly change your working position. This is the only way to ensure normal blood circulation, uniform loads for different parts of the spine and, as a result, a high level of productivity in work.

Of course, you can sit on a regular stool if you are ready to do a twenty-minute warm-up every 30-40 minutes. But you will lose a third of your productivity!

SpinalAssist provides you with variety of positions without interrupting your work. So, you will stay in good physical shape and your productivity will not suffer.

At Gravitonus, we believe that there is no "incorrect position". There are positions in which the user is too long. In 2001, Gravitonus received a pioneering patent for "a way to reduce the negative effect of the earth's gravitational field on the human body". It is because of the constantly changing position that lets you relocate the loads on the body. The SpinalAssist corset-chair is a symbiosis of dynamics and fixation, activity and stability, health and productivity. That's why SpinalAssist is also called the first kinetic chair.

SpinalAssist is a patented Gravitonus` development. In 2015, we received a patent for the "Kinetic chair". The trade name is SpinalAssist.

Variety of positions for work and rest

SpinalAssist was created as a universal tool to improve work productivity. We have provided everything for you to experiment and come up with new poses for work. It's limited only by your needs. Here are just a few of the base positions:

Perfect support. Even lying down.

SpinalAssist is an external human skeleton that provides external support for the body in any comfortable position and can easily change this position.

In addition, SpinalAssist is the only compact chair that allows to work even while lying down.

SpinalAssist contains a set of controls to adapt to any user's anatomy.