G1 Workstation


This is Custom-Made product. Production time: approx. 180 days

In 2003, when we developed the world's first most ergonomic workstation, we did not think that 18 years later we would release an upgraded G1 workstation that would be several times more perfect.

G1 is based on the best Gravitonus developments over the last 20 years and is in line with the company's main idea - to work in the desired position as long as you want, and we will take care of your health.

In the G1 workstation, you can work vertically and horizontally (working while lying down? that's no surprise anymore), as well as with your legs above your head. That pose might be extremely useful for exhaustion and hypodynamia overall for short time periods.

The G1 has a changing chair geometry system depending on the user's body shape and their body's state.

Another thing Gravitonus is proud of is the adaptive exoskeleton for the upper extremities. It lets you completely avoid repetitive stress injuries and facilitates additional work time. Other than the exoskeleton, the workstation has adaptive arm rests with heaters that let you rest in a semi-lying position.

Additionally, the G1 has climate control, a massage system, ionization, a shadowless lighting system with eye tiredness controls and a night mode and a surround sound system with 17 speakers.

The G1 can interface with 3 up to 30-inch monitors. It can also be integrated with a custom computer configuration.

The G1 rev. 2021 "POSTCOVID" will also provide unprecedented opportunities for broadcasts, streaming and gaming. Watch the news.