xClubby robotic reclining chair


A back with changing geometry.

For an unsurmountable comfort level.

Work in any position. Even lying down.


How often have you encountered desire to get out of your chair? Now, you can afford to be in a correct working position or in the lying position at the same time. Gravitonus has invented a mechanism that allows you to change the geometry of the chair back and its position. You can work sitting, half-lying or even lying down, while the object of work will always be in front of your eyes.


The xClubby high headrest will always support your head.

The ergonomics of the chair back and headrest allow you not to think about the correct position. Now any of your positions can be correct. Just pull the lever and the chair will fulfill your desire to change positions.


The concept is the priority.

xClubby is not just a chair.

The xClubby chair is based on Gravitonus' unique ergonomic concept..


xClubby is a platform for integration that's made to increase efficiency and work quality while preserving the user's health. xClubby is an integration platform designed to improve the efficiency and quality of the work while maintaining the health of the user.


Intellectual property of Gravitonus.

As of January 2021, the xClubby chair and its related technologies and methods have received more than 20 international patents and certifications. The same number is at the registration stage.


Synchronized footrest.

Your feet deserve it..

It's the only office chair with a synchronized footrest.

We know your feet deserve a rest. Therefore, the xClubby chair has a simple but very useful feature.

It`s just a footrest. Just a smart footrest.

As soon as you move the chair, the footrest automatically moves out from under the chair to support your legs. It's gentle, comprehensive support that doesn't pinch your space or your legs. Simply. Thoughtfully


Wireless audio system with subwoofer.

Your surround sound is only at your command.

Do you like listening to quality music and distinguishing the position of each instrument in space? Or maybe you are an avid FPS fan, where the accuracy of localization of the enemy by ear is critical for victory? Or is it just important for you to control the sound space around you? xClubby is the ideal solution for all these tasks in comfort. The high-quality 2.1 sound system creates a 3D soundscape that moves with the user when he or she changes his/her body position.


Private sound system.

Moreover, xClubby uses a technology that allows you to have private Skype calls, listen to music or watch a movie without headphones. Edifier's high-quality speakers with an independent volume control are positioned to create a sealed speaker system where the xClubby user is the only listener. Sounds reproduced through “Private sound” are practically inaudible to others. It also has a built-in battery and Bluetooth with a microphone.The office chair is mobile and that is its biggest bonus. Therefore, all xClubby chairs with built-in sound also include a Li-ion battery and a Bluetooth module for your complete independence from wires. You can enjoy your favorite music for up to 10 hours. After that, you can continue to enjoy, but after connecting the charger.


Unique transformation mechanism.

Functional doesn't mean complex.

Complexity? No! Minimalism? Yes!

Our original transformation mechanism allows not only choosing any comfortable back chair position, up to horizontal one, but also adjusting the seat depth. You can lock the seat depth in any intermediate position, or activate rocking mode. The chair has a built-in function for adjusting to the user's weight.


Simplicity is in details: control organs.

All the functions in the xClubby chairs are controlled by just two levers on each side of the chair. So, you can always quickly change your own position. No messy leverage. Just convenience. Very reliable.


Synchronously convertible armrests

Always under your arms.

The arm support unfolds and transforms with the chair. Therefore, the armrests are always comfortable and in place.  You'll be surprised how pleasant feeling they can create.


Dashcam in the chair. *not available in all countries

Unique business solution.

The video / audio recorder, optionally built into xClubby, will allow you to analyze the progress of your negotiations, presentations or meetings in a relaxed atmosphere. You will never miss interesting ideas that come up during discussions or, for example, important notes from your partners.



You are comfortable even on the hottest day.

An optional active ventilation system is built into the xClubby chair. In total, ventilation is carried out in three zones: the seat, the lumbar region and the scapular region. Choose one of the three air-flow intensity options.