This is Custom-Made product. Production time: approx. 30 days

The WARP Sg has many necessary things for gaming chairs at an affordable price.

From the unique reclining back to controllable armrests

This model provides optimal quality for the price and is suitable for both gamers and computer club owners that want to present their guests with high-quality chairs at an affordable price.

2D armrests

Why is this needed? The farther you lean back, the lower your armrests should be to sit comfortably. The 2D armrests lets you regulate their height and lower them if you're just watching a stream or TV show. And the rotation is more important their depth control. The manufacturer learned studied that nuance too.

Reclining back

It is the function that is absent in most office chairs. This built-in mechanism lets you lean back independent of your seat at an angle up to 160 degrees. This is needed to comfortably game and relax in the WARP chair.

Rocking mechanism

It's an amazing feeling to rest in your WARP chair after a tense raid. The WARP Sg's leaning mechanism lets you take a comfortable position for gaming or relaxing and forget about your normal tasks.

Ventilated eco-leather

The eco-leather covering with perforations provides optimal ventilation for the chair's surface that is in constant contact with your body. The same technology is used in car chairs.


A gaming chair should be stylish! That's why the alongside high-quality eco-leather, the WARP Sg uses deerskin, and the black colors are broken up by bright lights so that everyone can pick a chair for them.

The chair looks great in any room, can compliment your image on streams and most importantly you won't be embarrassed to show it.


The Sg is the new model in the WARP line. It's great for users up to 176 cm tall (5'9") and up to a BMI of 29. It's an excellent item if you're looking for an affordable gaming chair or what to making an e-sports team.