UP! Footrest Kids Chair


This is Custom-Made product. Production time: approx. 30 days

Children's chair UP!  is a real transformer. It's equally good for children ages 4 to 18 that are used to sitting at tall tables or desks or even low desks. UP!  adapts to its user.

The UP! chair puts a child's posture in the correct vertical position thanks to an adaptive double back. Additionally, the chair has an anatomical saddle-shaped seat that helps with correct posture and normal blood flow while preventing your child from "slouching".

Many appreciate that the chair special included footrest to provide stable support for your child's feet. The presence of a footrest is extremely important, especially for children that are just starting first grade since a footrest participates in forming correct posture and normalizing blood flow. The footrest has height and depth adjustment and can be folded when needed. It's even removeable if there's no need for it.

Children's chair UP! is made to form correct posture in children that spend a lot of time sitting when they're four years old and older. Thanks to the special controls, the chair can be used up until age 18. UP! is actually the only growing chair suitable for children starting at 70 cm (2'3") that is comfortable to use even at a tall table.

The chair is so comfortable even adults like it. It can hold the weight of an adult up to 90 kg (198 lbs.) if they're shorter that 190 cm (6'2").

The most important feature for us is its safety. We don't save money at the expense of your child's health and recommend you do the same. So, we held intense tests at TSI Metronom. That resulted in an EAC certificate.

Additionally, the frame is made out of carbon steel which speaks to the reliability of the construction that supports loads up to 90 kg (198 lbs.). The extendable legs don't let the chair fall over and the eco-leather supports up to 80,000 abrasion cycles.