Levitation Dynamic Kneeling Chair


This is Custom-Made product. Production time: approx. 60 days

The chair's balanced design lets you choose the most comfortable position for you for whatever you're doing. If you lean back, it's good for reading or watching TV, but if you lean forward, it's good for writing or using your computer. In any case, your body's position will be as comfortable as possible.

  • A comfortable dynamic knee chair, let's you preserve your health
  • The construction spreads the user's weight more evenly and naturally
  • It corrects and supports the user's correct posture
  • Soft knee pads absolutely do not squeeze blood vessels
  • The option to change the angle and depth of the seat to meet your needs
  • The chair is perfect for anyone starting at 120 cm tall (3'11") and weight up to 200 kg (440 lbs.).
  • Strong and reliable materials: a warranty for proper multi-year use

Innovations that just work

Buying this chair is an excellent way to maintain your back's health and avoid unpleasant feelings even if you need to work at your desk for several hours in a row. The chair's frame and Levitation knee support are made so they can change your body's position, shift the center of gravity forward or backward which lets you choose the best and most comfortable position for you.

Movement supersedes everything.

The main pressure in a normal chair is on your sacrum and pelvis with your spine far from its natural position. A chair with knee support solves that problem. The load is moved with part of it on the knees and front part of the calves. Additionally, the load on your knees is not great and fluctuates between 10-30%. This pose does not cause discomfort, overload your muscles, or cause tiredness in your legs. Your spine will take a more natural position, closer to the ideal one. Changing the angle and depth of your sitting also decreases the load on your pelvis.


Who is this chair for? For absolutely everyone. It's good for children 120 cm (3'11") and up and for adults up to 200 cm (6'6") tall. That means you can buy this chair for first graders and help shape your child's posture while they're learning at school. The Levitation chair with knee support is excellent for use in a beauty salon. The maximum weight it can support is 200 kg (440 lbs.).

The Levitation can adjust itself in its seat depth and knee support angle control.


This chair can be made in natural Italian leather (per order) or thick cloth.