EZKid the Child Saddle Chair


It's very important to create the correct relationship with your personal health from an early age. Despite the children's EZKid saddle being built on the Tiny series base, designed for a child's size, it works according to the EZ design philosophy.

While sitting in the chair-saddle, you'll experience the completely normal feeling of pressure sacral region of your pelvis. The method is intended to remove the load from your soft tissue and circulatory system in the pelvis and mode it to the pelvic girdle where nothing can be harmed.

The saddle's shape is made from elastic PU Foam and has two hard zones and takes the user's anatomical specifics in mind.

For a child, the EZKid seat does not cause any discomfort and provides the best healthy seat for studying and creativity.

A simple ergonomic chair that lets you easily move from one place to another and does not hinder movement. You can easily sit, get up and rotate. It only has height regulation. It has soft wheels for all types of flooring. It's perfect for work, including artisan work.

Duo saddle

The central cut out removes pressure on the prostate which is a prostatitis preventative measure. Also, Duo provides an unprecedented level of blood circulation thanks to the minimization of contact with the body.