ACCS: Computer control system that allows to use computer without hands.

There are over 45,000,000 people in the world that can't use computers normally* because of various serious disorders.

Which muscle maintains its ability to work even after serious spinal trauma 95% of the time? The tongue.

ACCS is the device that allows to control computers by quadriplegics with no hands needed.

How to control a computer with the tongue?

  • ACCS uses organs that are used to moving a lot and making precise movements. The tongue won't get tired even if you play your favorite MMORPG at midnight and won't make a mistake in the most important moment.
  • ACCS does not limit you. It works like a simple muscle but can be turned into a joystick or stylus. Working with graphics or programming is at your fingertips.
  • ACCS provides users with special needs a higher degree of independence since ACCS is portable and not attached to a chair or table.
  • ACCS does not need special care, battery replacement or regular maintenance. 12 replaceable parts are included that last for 2 years and additional modules only cost $9.
  • ACCS lets you work quickly. The average typing speed while using ACCS is 120 characters a minute. That's a record for alternative typing systems.
  • ACCS does not require training. The tongue adapts to the new movements after just 15 minutes of active use.
  • ACCS includes a controller as well as an install wizard to improve speed and quality. Additionally, we offer a unique virtual keyboard for free to those who can't follow the inconvenient QWERY layout.
ACCS lets you:
● be independent
● use your intelligence
● be in touch with your friends
● do whatever you want
● make money and study

Planned technical specifications:
Type of device Plug-n-Play HID/MultiHID (with drivers)
Connection method Bluetooth 2.1
Supported operation systems Windows, MacOS, Linux
Maximum distance from computer 10 m (33 feet)
Battery type Li-pol
Battery life 12 hours
Full charge time 2 hours
Levels of transmission speed 64
Charge 5V
Charging cable type USB-C
Fastening method Hidden attachment behind the ear with clips

Controls Indication of remaining charge and module state (sound/light)
On/off controls and pairing mode
Mouth module
Levels of sensitivity 64
Number of buttons 2 physical, 2 virtual
Module lifetime 2 months under daily use up to 4 hours
Module shell Dental polyethylene