Лучший способ расслабиться душой и телом

Все элементы рабочей станции iClubby меняют свое положение вместе с изменением положение Вашего тела: звук, свет, рабочая область, мониторы, элементы поддержки и управления — все перемещается вместе с Вами. Вам не нужно самостоятельно менять позу, рабочая станция iClubby сделает это за вас. Посмотрите видео


How about a 150 inches virtual desktop?

Innovative display mounts allow you to install 1 to 6 displays for a total of 150 inches of combined usable desktop space for your gaming, entertainment and business needs. Try not to get lost on the desktop.


The external skeleton

iClubby Workstation can be optionally equipped with an external skeleton arm supports. This innovative technology by Gravitonus represents active and adjustable mechanical system, supporting arms in all positions. It allows you to forget about hands tiredness while working.


Convenience above all

Thoughtful and hand made iClubby seats immerse you in a world of comfort and peace. You can choose one of three types of the seat, depending on your needs. Basic model offers an excellent balance of comfort and price, more advanced one offers partial customisation, natural leather of your choice and good lateral/lumbar support. The most advanced is a hi tech anatomically customised seat, offering luxury, unprecedented comfort, and best materials available.


Crystal-clear sound around you

Do you like to work sitting or in the reclined position and like a good music where each instrument position could be defined, or like playing FPS where precise aural location of your enemy is critical? iClubby is a solution for you. No matter what position you are in right now, the built-in 5+1 or 7+1 hi-end sound system will take you to the world of incredible realism of sound and the sound picture will move with you.


Built-in glare-free lighting

iClubby has a stylish built-in LED lighting system providing a soft lighting of the working area and peripherials without glaring the displays. And it doesn’t matter what position you are in right now – light will always move with you and provide good glare-free visibility.


Unsurpassed comfort for your feet

High-tech feet reclining feature will always support your feet in the most ergonomic position. You can enjoy the comfort.