Personalise your iClubby with your company logo, family coat of arms, or ‘I Love You’ expression and we’ll sew it for you.


Leather or eco-leather?

With a huge seat upholstery materials selection, iClubby proves that relaxing in a high-quality and stylish seat can easily be combined with a compassionate lifestyle. Together with several suppliers in Italy and Germany, we worked out seat upholstery collections that are made in the best non leather and eco-friendly materials, like natural fabrics and luxurious Italian faux leathers. Durable, stylish and animal/eco-friendly.


Become the owner of the super exclusive Signature-Edition Iclubby. To commemorate the first birthday of the iClubby Ergonomic Workstation, Gravitonus is building exclusive series of Signature Edition-branded units. Only five of such Workstations are available worldwide for the price of $38,000 each. Four units left.

Exclusive theme

Gravitonus offers a wide range of paints, varnishes, decals and coating materials for the iClubby. Propose iClubby theme of your dream or let Gravitonus designers assist you. Whether you are looking to freshen up the interior of your house or office with a spaceship design, flawlessly incorporate iClubby into the red-wood furnished interior, or create a centerpiece faux finish, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee the attention to finest details that you expect and deserve.


Exclusive coatings

Using an exclusive coating process, paints and varnishes and even aerography for iClubby chassis and elements, Gravitonus artist will give your iClubby a striking look guaranteed to turn heads. The unique process ensures no two units have the same colour finish. iClubby coating is extremely durable and scratch resistant in all conditions.


One-of-a-kind components

Do you want something that the built-in components just won’t do, no matter how you combine them? Fully customized components can be used/engineered/installed to ensure that required functionality and design needs are fulfilled. Perhaps a graphical VU meter that looks like an old analog Geiger counter is final touch to complement post nuclear theme, or a full size touchscreen facing up is the best keyboard replacement, or square-shaped carrying ring is the most appealing zest to your office waiting room. iClubby design offers a sophisticated and powerful platform for installing non standard equipment.


Business solutions
Learn more about a special iClubby for business applications.