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The most advanced and comfortable ergonomic Workstation

Experience computing in the most ergonomically optimized position you can set during long gaming or working hours. Feel the maximum comfort of a custom tailored ergonomic seat and enjoy amazing entertainment capabilities.

iClubby offers a highly interactive motorized gaming/working environment by virtue of its triple display screens, widest array of performance and comfort enhancing features so you can experience unprecedented comfort, intense gaming and ultimate performance.
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  • Improved Productivity

    The amount of usable screen footage you have available on the desktop is directly proportional to productivity. With three screens, it’s heaven…
  • Perfect comfort

    The iClubby ergonomic Workstation design reflects a revolutionary approach to anatomical customization of your workplace. Computing has never been as comfortable before
  • Fantastic sound

    Sound must be powerful. All iClubby models are equipped with a subwoofer built into the back seat, so you could feel the bass with your body.
  • Express Yourself

    Start with a chassis color, select leather type, create designer vinyl prints and embroidery on the seat. Customize the iClubby style all by yourself.